Welcome to the Nea Gokula Retreat website
Nea Gokula Retreat is located on the edge of Mileas, one of the picturesque Pileon villages situated high above the Pagasetic Gulf near the town of Volos in Greece. The peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Greece which combines tree covered mountains which rise up to 1700 meters, mountain streams and long, sandy beaches with clear waters. The area is also characterised by its traditional mountain villages made of stones, its village squares shaded by large plane trees with views to the ocean and old historical churches. It is known as the healing mountain of Greece because of the abundance of herbs, over 2000 varieties and famous for the Centaurs, half horse and half man which roamed its forested slopes of which Chiron was its respected leader, teacher of Achilles, wise astrologer and healer. His cave can be seen from the retreat.

Situated in such pristine environment our vision is a place conducive for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. In view of this we are using one of the houses as a place for people to come and do detoxes as well as organizing various workshops such as yoga, massage therapy, transformative communication to cultivating organic vegetables, indentifying and preparing edible and healing wild herbs, permaculture and how to live a life closer to nature. This satisfies the growing trend of activity holidays where one can enjoy the beach, the sun, the clean mountain air in a beautiful Mediterranean environment and at the same time learn a valuable tool in personal development or self sufficiency.

Pricing policy: We would like everyone to benefit irrespective of one ability to pay. Hence we have different accommodations with private rooms at the top end to the possibility of pitching a tent on one of the terraces. Basic showers and toilet facilities in the garden have been provided for the latter. For those who may not be financially able to pay some exchange of their abilities, skills or labour may be considered. Most should be able to benefit .