Getting There
There are different ways to get there either by road or air.Most visitors from outside of Greece will come by air and there are 4 airports of entry which you should look into to find flights-

Volos - which is the nearest airport and about 45 minutes from our place and there are regular flights from Belgium on Ryanair which is the cheapest.There may be flights from the U.K but only seasonally on chartered airlines which unless are booked in advance could be more expensive than flying to the other airports. You should check if there are flights to Volos from whichever country you live in.There may well be flights from France and Germany.

Thessaloniki is about 250 km from our place and takes 2.5 hrs by bus to Volos.There are regular flights to there from all major airports in Europe and the connections either by bus or train to Volos are good.From the airport there is a local bus that will take you to the bus station in the city of Thessaloniki for about 1 Euro and from the main bus station there are regular buses that leave for Volos every 2 hours for about 18 Euros and takes 2.5 hours.Once in Volos you can either arrange to get picked up or take another bus or taxi to Mileas which is around 30km.It could be a good idea to hire a car at the airport especially if you are travelling with a few people and so save on the bus fare going and coming back.You will need a car in Pileo in order to travel to some of the many beaches and your airline may offer special rates on car hire that can be picked up at the airport and redeposited there on your return.

Skiathos - there are flights to Skiathos which is the island near to Pileo and it is a popular holiday destination with seasonal charter flights from the U.K and Europe.From there you can catch a ferry to Volos or Platania at the end of the peninsula of Pileo.

Athens - propably the cheapest flights are to Athens which is 3.5 hours by bus or train to our place.These are available on standard airlines-easyjet from Gatwick,Aegean airways from Heathrow,Monarch,Olympic airways,British airways etc.From the airport you would have to either take a taxi or a bus to the bus terminal or the underground to the train station.Buses to Volos are very regular-probably one every hour.Trains are also good but you will have to change in Larissa. As mentioned above it could be a good idea to rent a car at the airport.

You should check out flights to either of the above places on flights websites such as , or .Generally the earlier you book the cheapest are the flights.

Overland: If you are travelling overland which can be a good idea if you live in Italy,Switzerland or any of the Balkan countries as you will not need to hire a car and you could be there in one day.

From Italy and Switzerland or southern Germany or eastern France you drive direction Milan and go to Anconna or Venice were there are many ferries crossing to Greece which usely travel overnight.You would arrive at the port of Igoumenitsa the next morning.If you live in Southern Italy you would take the ferry from Brendisi which is only a short crossing.

From Igoumenitsa you will have to drive across the mountainous centre of Greece to Volos and then on to Pileo and Mileas.Its a beautiful drive and on the way you can stop in Meteora and see the monasteries perches on top of very high cliffs.