Beaches: Apart from any workshops or seminas that you may be attending you may choose to go to one of the numerous beaches in the peninsula-see some of those beaches in the beaches section.There are two sides of the peninsula and both are very different.The waters on the Pasasetic Gulf are calmer being a sheltered bay and the open sea on the Aegean side on windy days can be full of big waves.You will need a means of transportation to go to most of these beaches.The house itself being 450 meters up on the mountain is about 15 minutes from the closest beach by vehicle and about 30 -45 minutes walk.So you may wish to hire a car or motobike in order to visit the whole of Pileo and its beautiful beaches.We have the address of many of these hire places and we have negotiated special rates with them.There is a local bus which can take you not only to Volos but also to some of the beaches.There are taxis in the village that you can hire .It is possible to get us to take you around Pileo either to the beaches or on sightseeing trips if you can pay for the petrol.

River: If you are a bit adventurous there is a beautiful river close to the house at about 15 minutes walk were you can clamber up rocks and find some great swimming places with plenty of shade and solitude.

Walks: Pileo is also famous for its beautiful walks through traditional villages and forest of wild oak and orchards of olives, apple trees, plane and chestnut woods. On those you will find breathtaking views of the sea, cross rivers and have the opportunity of finding tavernas where local dishes are served on well tended verandas. If you don’t like climbing, you can walk along the old railway line for many hours which takes you to some amazing views.

Old railway - there is a little train that ploughs its way around the mountain of Pileo to a village near the largest town of the area –Volos. Its building is an engineering feat which took place at the turn of the last century.The railway station is 5 minutes from the house.The ride takes around an hour and a half and should not be missed for the spectacular views.

Tavernas and restaurants : There are plenty of tavernas and restaurant in the village and all over Pileo from the high end at the beach at Potistika to simple budget places.Even though there are no purely vegetarian places they all cater for vegetarians.The local food is famous.

Coffee bars - there are numerous coffee bars in the village and all over Pileo and on most beaches.

Volos - is the largest town in the area . Volos is built on the area of the ancient cities of Demetrias, Pagasae and Iolkos. Iolkos was the homeland of ancient Greek hero Jason who boarded the ship Argo accompanied by the Argonauts and sailed in the quest for the Golden Fleece to Colchis.

To the west of Volos there are the Neolithic settlements of Dimini with a ruined acropolis, walls and two beehive tombs dated between 4000-1200 BC and Sesklo with the remains of the oldest acropolis in Greece (6000 BC), as well as the foundations of a palace and mansions, among the most typical examples of Neolithic civilisation.

The Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos 1 Athanasaki Str., Τ.Κ. 38001, Volos telephone: +30 24210 25285 fax: +30 24210 28563 email:, open Tuesday - Sunday: 08:30 - 15:00, admission full: €2, reduced: €1; for free admission days see web site , is one of the best smaller museums in Greece and should on no account be missed.

If you visit Volos you'll most definitely take the opportunity to visit the close mountain villages of Portaria and Makrynitsa, offering you a splendid specimen of the renowned traditional architecture of the Pelion mansions. The city view from Makrynitsa is magnificent.

Islands : Pileo is close to the Sporades island of which the most famous and touristic island is Skiathos.You can take a boat or hydrofoil to Skiathos either from Volos or Platania which is at the end of the peninsula.The boat ride from Volos probably takes 2 to 3 hours by boat and probably no more than an hour by hydrofoil.

Futher along from Skiathos are the beautiful islands Alonissos and Skopelos which can also be visited by boat from Volos.

Trekerri island is in the Pagasetic Gulf and is very small with only a little port with guest houses and a beautiful monastery where rooms can be hired.It has no cars and some beautiful beaches.To get there you have to go to the end of the peninsula and take a little boat that can ferry you across for 5 Euros.

Hire a boat - power boats and sailing boats can be hired at various places along the coast.

Activities along the sea - Apart from swimming there are places along the coast where you can either hire paddle boats,sailing boats, paragliding, water skying,take lessons in sailing and scuba diving.

Visit the villages - Pileo is also famous for its picturesque mountain villages with their large village squares built around beautiful old churches shaded by massive plane trees and most with great views to the sea. There are 40 villages of Pileo. Many cultural events take place in these during the summer months.

End of the peninsula - A trip to the end of the peninsula is a great day out.There are many beaches on the way and beautiful coastal villages with their little harbours.There is very little traffic the more you go down the peninsula and many places to eat.

Museums: the local village has a museum with many artefacts from the old days.One of the best museums in Greece is in Volos with some impressive archaeological finds from ancient Greece. The Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos 1 Athanasaki Str., Τ.Κ. 38001, Volos telephone: +30 24210 25285 fax: +30 24210 28563

Monasteries: Pileo is full of old monasteries some still in use and others empty.